Well, there are really many more reasons than ONE. But what has lately occurred to me? The sheer volume of amazing people that I have met over the last several years…makes me somewhat of a natural “clearinghouse” or repository of information about the world of Spirit. A living encyclopedia of all things woo-woo. Not only the Spirit world, but the numbers of stories that I am privileged to hear also encompass the paranormal. Of course I understand that many people like to lump psychics and mediumship into that larger paranormal category. But the many people who have shared their experiences with me know what they know. Hearing all of these folks, over and over, talking about similar things that have happened to them; things that can not be easily explained by our existing science…well. If there ever was any doubt in me about the existence of other dimensions, other worlds, and beings who can move between them…I doubt no more. I think we need to start accepting that when most of humanity experiences the same things, over and over, it is no longer anecdotal. When you are me, it becomes so very clear. The stories have common themes, and ring true for every person who confides in me. My clients are some of the nicest people you would ever meet, and most everyone has a powerful healing story of the Other Side.

Listen, it took a lifetime of wild experiences to finally convince me to go public with my mediumship and psychic abilities. To charge people for a reading was really scary! I thought, secretly, deep inside…”What if this is not really real?” “What if I am somehow convincing myself this is real?” Being a medium, experiencing deceased folks whispering to me in my bedroom at night, was awful scary for me as a little girl. Honestly, I did not WANT it to be real, back then!! I wanted it to be just a bad dream, or something I ate that gave me a bad reaction.. Because, as us mediums and psychically gifted kids know…most people ( at least in my childhood during the 1970s) did NOT think this was a real thing! Most people did not know how to handle it.

What has changed for me, after diving in professionally? As I said, the VOLUME of evidence that is still piling up, story after story. Miracles happening often daily! I wish you all could sit in my shoes, and hear the touching, moving stories that prove our beliefs in the afterlife, and beyond. Getting a reading from a professional, good medium is an experience I wish everyone could have. From my point of view,, I get endless validation of the facts and stories that I bring through. From my client’s point of view, they too, get that validation that they really have not lost their loved ones forever. They are always right with us, literally just a thought away!

Just my thoughts lately. 🙂

Sending you hugs!!