As we move into this season of winter and the holidays…let us give thanks to all who have graced our lives with love. I know that this time of year can be extra hard for many of us who have loved ones on the Other Side of the veil.  For you who have lost your children, this time of year can sometimes be almost unbearable. I do know many folks who decide not to celebrate holidays anymore after the death of a child, and I can appreciate and understand it. There is nothing like the permanent lump in your throat that many of us battle during the holiday season. It just doesn’t seem the same anymore without them. Hollow. Empty and maybe even pointless, to a grieving and broken heart. Maybe you need a few years of nothingness, or doing something different during this time to avoid feeling depressed. There is no one RIGHT way to handle your grief. All of us must figure out how to handle our tender emotions during this time of year. It may mean taking a break and creating something new.

But if you are ready to celebrate the holidays and you want to include memories of your kids and deceased family members, please do! Focusing on gratitude for what we had with them, and keeping the happy memories alive can be very healing for everyone. They will appreciate it so much from the Other Side. If you put the intention behind your actions, your kids and family will feel it across the Universe. Meaning, go ahead and put up their favorite ornaments on the Christmas tree.. Create a display of old holiday pictures. Make their favorite dishes. Set an extra place at the table for them, because they will be there. And talk about them! The more we talk about our sweet children and loved ones, the happier and funnier memories come out. When you have set the tone that it is OK to remember them out loud…the rest of the family will follow your lead. You may be surprised at the stories you will hear, I have heard so many funny, sweet and touching stories from families who have done this. You never know who will be the one person that remembers something long forgotten. And as you know, our memories are like treasures, once the people who created them are gone from the physical world. Including them out loud keeps our loved ones connected to us forever.

I wish you all healing and the peace of this holiday season, wherever you are in your grief journey.